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The Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs) are a set of

milestones for global development. They represent a rare

consensus, a shared global vision, for a brighter future for all. The

goals help us aspire to make a difference, as countries, as a global

community and even as individuals. They encourage us to ensure

that no voice remains unheard and that no desire to lead a fulfilling

life or make the world a better place is ignored.

The United Arab Emirates has long been at the forefront of

sustainable development. It is a concept that has been at the heart

of the UAE’s development agenda for many years and is a theme

that runs through

Vision 2021

for the Federal Government and

the development plans of the local Emirates. This foresight enabled

the country to be an advocate for and an active participant in the

formulation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and

an early adopter of the Sustainable Development Goals that the

global community ratified at the United Nations in September


Now, the time has come to take action on SDGs and to ensure that

the global communitymoves rapidly from ideas to implementation,

from planning to execution, and from debating and deliberating

to using our inventive, entrepreneurial and creative capacities to

accelerate towards a brighter future. In the UAE, a lot of important

work has already begun. This publication details only some of

the many initiatives that Ministries and government entities have

undertaken in recent years to promote sustainable development

both domestically and internationally.

Earlier this year, UAE’s Cabinet issued a decree establishing the

National Committee on SDGs whose first priorities are to develop

a national implementation plan that aligns the SDGs with the

UAE’s development agenda, to establish a mechanism for review

and follow up and to lead a countrywide engagement effort with a

range of stakeholders.

At the World Government Summit in Dubai, for two consecutive

years, the UAE in partnership with the United Nations has

organized SDGs in Action, a unique global platform for discussions

focused on implementation of SDGs. Furthermore, to highlight the

importance of data and evidence-based policy in accomplishing

the SDGs, the UAE will host the UNWorld Data Forum in 2018.

The SDGs are a global agenda for development and to achieve

them, countries must assist one another, work in partnership with

a range of stakeholders, and most importantly, collaborate to give

hope for a better future to countries and communities, where pain,

suffering and anguish prevails. Therefore assisting other countries in

achieving the SDGs will remain a centerpiece of the UAE’s efforts.

The UAE is one of the most generous donors of development

aid and humanitarian assistance and it will remain committed

to collaborating with countries across the world to enable their


This first official publication on SDGs highlights the UAE’s recent

efforts in progressing the 2030 Agenda. It aims to build awareness

to ensure that stakeholders across government and other

segments of society are on the same page and well informed to

begin contributing to the implementation of the SDGs in the UAE.

I look forward to the prospect of SDGs serving as a guiding path for

global development to ensure a brighter future for all.