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Seventeen unprecedented Sustainable Development Goals

have been established ranging from ending poverty, hunger and

inequality, to taking action on climate change, improving access

to health and education and committing to building stronger

institutions. As the UAE moves forward with its

National Agenda


it is easy to appreciate the overlaps with the SDGs. Therefore

over the course of 2017, the Federal Competitiveness and

Statistics Authority (FCSA) and its partners on the UAE’s National

Committee on SDGs, will be working to implement the SDGs in

accordance with the country’s priorities as outlined in the National

Agenda to ensure that everyone works together towards both

national and global goals.

Setting goals however is not enough, and as we dowith the six pillars

of UAE’s

National Agenda

, monitoring and reporting progress

using accurate data and sound research and analysis is crucial to

the UAE’s progress in achieving each of the SDGs. Therefore, the

government has committed to strengthening statistical and

research capacity at both the federal and local levels in the UAE.

In 2015, the UAE government merged its national statistics office

and its council on competitiveness to create the FCSA so that it

could serve as a focal point for the implementation of SDGs. The

FCSA endeavors to establish a robust governance framework for

the collection and reporting of data and to use its experience in

advising on competitiveness using data-driven approaches to

guide policy for sustainable development in the UAE. The FCSA

will also ensure that the UAE remains an active participant in the

global statistical community and that data and evidence-based

policy is given due attention both in the domestic policy discourse

and in global discussions. As a demonstration of this commitment,

the FCSA will be collaborating with the United Nations to host

the UN World Data Forum in Dubai in 2018. The forum will be a

premier global event in consolidating cooperation and promoting

awareness on data-issues affecting sustainable development.

Publishing this overview on SDGs in the UAE is a first step towards

achieving the goals. The aim of this publication is to inform

stakeholders of the UAE’s involvement to date with the 2030

Agenda for Sustainable Development. It highlights the UAE’s

contribution at the global stage in bringing the SDGs to fruition,

and ongoing efforts to establish the governance and institutional

settings that will ensure the alignment of the SDGs with the UAE

National Agenda

. This publication also aims to raise awareness

across a range of stakeholders so that everyone from the public

and private sectors, our citizens, civil society, academic and research

institutions and others are engaged in fulfilling the SDGs and

contributing to a brighter future for both the UAE and the world.