Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all


The UAE is endowed with plentiful of oil reserves however, it is not immune to the world’s energy challenges such as rising pollution, depletion of deposits and increases in energy demand. These threats require great innovation and the UAE has risen to the challenge. The UAE’s Vision 2021 has a formulated clean energy indicator developed since 2013. The UAE launched the Energy Strategy 2050 with a target of producing 50% of its energy requirements from clean sources. For instance, the Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program, which will begin

operation in 2019, will make a great contribution to diversify energy sources and support the UAE in its aim of reducing its carbon footprint.



Policies and Initiatives

  • Shuaa is a web application to estimate potential electricity production and savings on electricity bill by installing solar panels. The second phase of the project was completed in 2017
  • The UAE launched ‘Energy Strategy 2050’ in 2017, which is considered the first unified energy strategy in the country that is based on supply and demand.



  • The overall awareness and uptake of renewable technologies on the distributed generation is still low. The deployment of renewable energy varies significantly between emirates
  • The penetration of clean energy use in the transport sector remains low. New incentive packages have been launched by the local governments, which shall facilitate the electrification of the transport sector
  • No incentives in place to share data with MOEI as the Ministry does not have a constitutional merit to collect data. The Ministry has developed a web platform system called ATMATA for more efficient energy data management and facilitating annual collection of data for the Ministry of Energy and Industry and its stakeholders
  • UAE’s clean energy aims would require a flexible power system comprising dispatchable generation, storage, demand side management and grid interconnections. More research is required to ensure the power system can be stable under very high renewable energy penetration levels.

Achievement Progress


Proportion of population with access to electricity (2012)