Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere



Sustained economic growth cannot be achieved without social inclusion as the whole of society has a role to play in the development of a country. Federal Law No. 13 of 1972 and its amendments by the law (No.2) in 2001 was issued by the Ministry of Community Development

(MOCD) as the first law to provide social benefits to members of the community to ensure and sustain the high quality of living for all UAE citizens. The Ministry continues to work today on enhancing social inclusion for all members of society where social benefits are extended to cover twenty-one segments of the community.


Policies and Initiatives:


  • Launch of the initiative ‘Masaei Al Khair’ (2018) in collaboration with other federal government bodies, local government entities and the private sector. The initiative aims at providing free home maintenance and renovation for the social security beneficiaries across UAE
  • Launch of the ‘Motivation Employment Policy’ (2017), which aimed at securing employment opportunities for social security beneficiaries across the UAE.




The UAE government has a future vision to change the culture of social support from the current ‘social welfare’ model to ‘sustainable social development’ that encourages independence and growth of families across the UAE.

Achievement Progress