Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable



The Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MOID) has contributed to the urban development of the

UAE through federal infrastructure projects such as government houses, buildings, in addition to developing a strong road network linking all seven emirates to facilitate the commute of UAE citizens and residents. In line with Vision 2021 and the National Agenda, MOID strives to achieve an excellent sustainable environment and integrated infrastructure to achieve a high quality of life to all residents.


Policies and Initiatives

  • Launch of the ‘Establishment of PPP National Legal Framework Policy’ (2018) to develop a public private partnership policy to finance and implement infrastructure projects in order to enhance the competitiveness of the UAE, meet the needs and future aspirations of infrastructure and housing, and to stimulate the economy and the private sector
  • Launch of the UAE’s project of the Consensual Holistic Plan (2017) to develop a long-term integrated plan and roadmap for the UAE which incorporates environmental, urban, economic and social pillars
  • Launch of the ‘National Housing Strategy Initiative’ in 2017. The project aims to develop a regulatory framework for the housing process and develop a long-term plan to ensure the provision of adequate housing in a fair and transparent manner.




  • The UAE is among the countries with an increasing rate of car-owners that stands to rise by 3.9% (average increase over 10 years), almost twice as high as the world average. This high rate makes it increasingly imperative to develop an integrated future vision for road system and smart transportation
  • Provision of financing needed to support the ambitious visions of developing the urban infrastructure of the UAE
  • Due to the federal nature of the UAE, diverse standards, laws and policies need to be taken into consideration when planning in different emirates.

Achievement Progress